What is IISProxy?

IIS Proxy is a combination of a special ISAPI filter, ASP scripts and VBS classes (or ASP.Net/php). The scripts allow you to create a special http proxy server and process data going through the server.

I'm sorry, live IIS proxy samples was removed, because they were working :-(.

Live IISProxy samples

Content rewrite proxy

With this proxy you can browse web pages and replace contents of the pages on-the-fly - modify colors, replace texts, etc.

Simple proxy with live http header viewer

Proxy server with a little modification - you can see http headers between browser, proxy server and web server

Host proxy

This simple proxy allows you to browse "hidden" web sites on web servers. You can send any "Host: ..." http header to web server you choose.

Redesign proxy

Change look of any web site using this proxy.

Other IIS Proxy samples and tasks

"Man in the middle" proxy on https - you can see and monitor client-server http communication inside the proxy

Modify web applications without their source - You can modify .exe or similar web applications, even if you do not have original source code of the web application. You can use IISProxy to modify request parameters for such application (for example - handle leaks of application, filter requests) and you can also process output of the application - redesing it, and other tasks.

URL rewriting proxy - Special SEO task, creation of static URL set from dynamic using IIS proxy

CharSet change proxy - You can process HTML files from any webserver and change charset using this proxy

Classic http proxy server - You can create different kinds of http or ftp proxy servers using IIS Proxy - Caching proxy, Anonymizing proxy server, monitoring proxy, proxy server with special access control, etc.

IIS proxy - ASP proxy for IIS.